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Basketball WA Country Championships (February 2022)

Information on the dates and Championship rules can be found below:

Basketball WA Country Championship Dates 2022

Basketball WA Country Championship Rules 2022

Country Championship rules. Please read through and familiarize yourself with these rules prior to the start of the Championship.

Manjimup Basketball Association team codes and player registration link for the 2022 Country Championships:

Please check your team codes carefully.


Team    Code
Manjimup (Under 18 Boys Division 3)    22641151
Manjimup (Under 18 Girls Division 3)    22641153
Manjimup (Under 16 Boys Division 3)    22641150
Manjimup (Under 15 Girls Division 2)    22641149
Manjimup (Under 15 Boys Division 3)    22641148
Manjimup (Under 14 Girls Division 3)    22641146
Manjimup (Under 14 Boys Division 3)    22641144
Manjimup (Under 13 Girls Division 3)    22641143
Manjimup (Under 13 Boys Division 3)    22641141
Manjimup (Under 12 Boys Division 3)    22641140


All players and coaches are required to register through this link prior to their respective competition weekends. Please note that Country Champs uses Courtside scoring and does not allow player registration via the scoring device on game day. If a player has not registered, they will not be permitted to take the court until they have completed the online registration form. Playing an unregistered player may result in your game being declared a forfeit.